(LOOT) UC News Refer and Win Rs.5000 Instant Free PayTM (Proof Added)

UC News keeps you up to date with viral stories trending on social network, breaking news & developing stories locally and globally. With our professional Cricket editor team, UC News also provides you with LIVE Cricket Scores. You’ll never miss out on any wonderful matches.

Download UC News and Win Rs.15000 :

1.First Of All, Download UC News
2. Open app and Select Your Language.
3. Select any News category.
4. You will see a Banner on dashboard. Click on That Banner. Or just Click on “ME” tab
5. Now Just Click on Rs.2000 UC BUDDY Bonus
5. Wait for a Minute and let that page open.

6. You will see ENTER CODE option below page. Enter Given Refer Code :


7. Wohooo!! You are now eligible to Invite your Friends on Uc News.
8. Now You Will See Some Specific KMs On Refer Page , You have To Just Reach to 0 KM to Grab You Prize
9. On Next Just Fill The Form and You Will Get Rs.5000 Very Soon.
9. Click on INVITE option and share your Refer code on Facebook to earn More.
Terms And Conditions :-

Activity period
October 16, 2017 – March 31, 2018 23:59:59 (IST)
Prizes – Rs. 5,000 cash
UC News looks for trendy users! Invite friends to UC News and enter your code, get your exclusive Rs. 5,000 news fund! You can earn money for more than 1 time.
How to earn your exclusive Rs. 5,000 News Fund?
Every participant has a chance to earn Rs. 5,000 News Fund.
The participants can redeem Rs. 5,000 only when it is 100% collected.
Download UC News to collect more money.
To collect the remaining money, you can ask your friends to download UC News and enter your code.
The more friends you invite, the faster you can win your Rs. 5,000 NewsFund.
If people you have invited (people who have entered your code) invite new users, you can collect extra money. You can push them to invite people, so that you can collect money faster.
You can collect the money once you’ve helped a person by entering their code. You can only help one person. And this person you’ve helped, can’t help you back.
In the same way, you can’t help the person who has offered help to you before. Because they have already got the money for helping you.
When you have successfully collected Rs. 5,000, you can redeem the money and try again to collect another Rs. 5,000. Every user can collect 3 times in total.
0. The game will be over on March 31, 2018 23:59:59 (IST). When all the prizes are sent out, the game will be over as well. You can check how many prizes are left on homepage.
1. The prize will only be delivered to those who have collected 100% Rs. 5,000 NewsFund before the game is over. If your Rs. 5,000 is not 100% collected when the game is over, the money you collected will not be delivered to you as prize.
2. Total number of prizes is limited. participants who collect 100% money will win the prize on a first-come- first-serve basis.

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