Excel All Important Keyboard Shortcut Keys List 2017

2017 Excel shortcuts Key for PC  & Laptop (Most Useful Shortscut Key),Today, I am sharing some of Excel’s importport shortcuts Key, These Shortcut Key daily based and used in the office.I Have Tried To Mention Some Very Usefule And Important Shortcut Key of Excel,These Key will Work All the Version of Excel like, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016. I hope you like this article

Sr. No.Key Discription
1CTR L+CCopy
2CTR L+VPaste
3CTRL + ZUndo
5CTRL+ 9Hide selected rows
6CTRL+ SHIFT + 9UnHide selected rows
7CTRL+ 0Hide selected columns
8CTRL+SHIFT+ 0UnHide selected columns
9F7spelling & Grammar check
10CTR L+ NInsert New Sheet
11CTR L+;Insert current date
12CTR L+ SHIFT + :Insert current Time
13SHIFT +Select All Row + Coloumn
14CTRL+ ↑Jump to the top of a column
15CTRL + ↓Jump to the bottom of a column
17CTRL+ TABSwitch to the next open worksheet
19F12save As
20CTRL+ TInsert table
21CTRL + SHIFT +Insert columns
22CTRL+ Dinto the cells below.
24CTR L+SSave File
25CTRL+ASelect All ENTRIES Data
26CTR L+FFind
27SHIFT + SPACESelect the Entire roll
28CTRL + SPACESelect the Entire column .
29CTRL + WClose active workbook .
30CTRL+ PGDNJump Next TAB In Excel Sheet
31CTRL+ PGDNDown Next Tab In Excel Sheet
32CTRL + SHIFT + R IGHTrows/columns (Right)
33ALT+ W + QZoom
34ALT +A +SSSort a Data range
35ALT +A +TMake Auto filter
37CTRL+!Number format
38FL2Save as
39CTRL + kInsert Hyperlink

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